Harold Finch

Dr. Harold Finch, Executive Producer

Harold FinchDr. Finch was born in the heart of the Great Depression. As a young boy he often thought of himself as poor, but his wise mother would say to him, “Harold, you are not poor, you are rich! You have God who loves you and you have a good mind. Your future is bright.” Her wisdom proved to be prophetic as well as inspirational. Now looking back over his multi-faceted professional career there is little doubt that God gifted Dr. Finch with rich experiences that would be invaluable in his research and quest for a better understanding of the fundamental elements and essence of success.

As a scientist, Dr. Finch played a key role as a project director for the Apollo spacecraft program. He pioneered the thermodynamic computer systems needed to protect astronauts and lunar vehicles against heating and cooling hazards on outer space voyages. His team developed the Barbecue Roll made famous by Tom Hanks in Apollo 13. As an educator, Dr. Finch was instrumental in founding Johnson County Community College and in successfully rushing it into operation in record time—one year! As an entrepreneur, Dr. Finch founded two separate and distinct INC 500 businesses. One, Padgett-Thompson, provided corporate training, and in just over five years Dr. Finch and his teaching specialists trained almost one million business professionals.

At age 52 Dr. Finch sold his business interests to devote his time to matters closest to his heart and soon was living among the lowest caste in an orphan home in rural India. He fell in love with the little children with whom he played games, told stories and encouraged. He and his family helped to build a school, a church and houses for nearby tsunami victims. Motivated by this life-changing experience he and his wife, Peggy, established a foundation that sponsored 1,200 volunteers to serve in 25 mostly impoverished nations. When not speaking he has actively served on the boards of numerous public service organizations. Dr. Finch insists that retirement is not an option. He and Peggy have been married 55 years and have three happily married children and six terrific grandchildren.

In recent years Dr. Finch has inspired professionals with his lectures on Unlimited Success. He has made over 750 presentations pro bono in overflowing auditoriums around the world. In these seminars, Dr. Finch lays out his “Three Keys to Success”, and as voluntary bonus session on the “Master Key”, in which he presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the past decade, Dr. Finch has documented more than 55,000 professions of faith in Christ as a result.

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